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Sources of Lovecraft’s Works

The following list of books includes mostly in-print volumes but may also include some of the more important out-of-print books.

Arcane Wisdom Arcturus Publishing Arkham House Publishers, Inc. – Arkham House is the definitive source for Lovecraft’s fiction and letters. His stories have been edited and corrected by S.T. Joshi based on Lovecraft’s original autograph and typewritten manuscripts. These editions are attractive and inexpensive hardbacks which will provide reading enjoyment for years to come.
Ballantine/Del Rey – Ballantine’s paperback editions of Lovecraft’s fiction provide an excellent introduction to the newcomer to Lovecraft. Although most of these texts are not the versions corrected by S.T. Joshi, they are readily available at most bookstores. The first three volumes listed are large collections which contain all the stories in the later, smaller volumes, and more as well. Barnes & Noble Canterbury Classics Carroll & Graf – Arkham House’s The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions was printed by Carroll & Graf in the two paperback editions listed below. However, only The Loved Dead and Other Revisions includes the texts corrected by S.T. Joshi. Carroll & Graf also published The Lurker at the Threshold and The Watchers Out of Time under Lovecraft’s name, despite the fact that they are actually by August Derleth. Chartwell Books Creation Oneiros Dell Publishing – Dell’s entry into the field of Lovecraft, The Annotated H.P. Lovecraft, is marketed as “literature.” Hear, hear! Dover Publications Ecco Press Fall River Girasol Collectables
The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society Helios House Press Hippocampus Press IDW Publishing The Library of America Liveright (W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.) Modern Library Necronomicon Press – Necronomicon Press is a small publisher in Rhode Island which prints some of Lovecraft’s more obscure, but nonetheless important, works. Night Shade Books Oxford University Press Penguin Books Prion Books PS Publishing Race Point Publishing Sporting Gentlemen Publishers University of Tampa Press Wildside Press
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