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Request for Manuscripts
Do you happen to own any manuscripts by Lovecraft? Any letters between him and his correspondents? If so, perhaps you could help further the cause of Lovecraft studies! Most of Lovecraft’s manuscripts are housed in libraries and historical societies, but many are in the hands of private individuals. Lovecraft scholars S.T. Joshi and David E. Schultz have been assembling an electronic archive of all Lovecraft’s works and have undertaken the ambitious project of publishing Lovecraft’s collected letters (which will likely amount to 25 volumes). Your manuscripts may prove to be a vital piece in the puzzle we are assembling.
     If you do happen to own any Lovecraft-related manuscripts and would be willing to reproduce them, please contact us. Please note that Lovecraft’s handwriting is notoriously difficult to read, so we’d prefer scans, photographs, or even photocopies over transcriptions. However, note that Lovecraft often wrote on large sheets of paper, leaving little or no margin. Due to the size of standard photocopy paper, photocopies of manuscripts frequently lose text near the edge of the paper.
     In addition, we would like to see any text in Lovecraft’s hand, regardless of the source. Whether it’s postscripts on envelopes, notes on enclosures, or notations on the picture side of postcards—images of both sides of postcards are preferred, even if not written upon—this information is invaluable. Also, seeing the postmarks on envelopes is helpful, since Lovecraft often did not write actual dates in letters to close correspondents.
     Most of Lovecraft’s manuscripts are housed at Brown University’s John Hay Library. This collection was begun soon after Lovecraft’s death by his correspondent and friend, Robert H. Barlow. The manuscripts there now serve as original research material for visiting Lovecraft scholars from all over the world. If you are interested in making your manuscripts permanently available, please consider donating them to the H.P. Lovecraft Collection at Brown University.
     Thank you for any help you can provide!
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