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Visitors’ Favorite Stories

In autumn 2011, The H.P. Lovecraft Archive polled over 1,000 visitors regarding Lovecraft’s fiction. Specifically, we asked visitors to tell us what their favorite Lovecraft stories were, as well as what Lovecraft stories they would recommend to those new to Lovecraft’s works. Here are the top ten responses to each question:

“What is your favorite H.P. Lovecraft story?”

Story Percent Words
At the Mountains of Madness 16.6% 41,500
The Shadow over Innsmouth 10.0% 22,150
The Call of Cthulhu 9.8% 12,000
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward 8.3% 51,500
The Colour out of Space 7.6% 12,300
The Dunwich Horror 5.7% 17,590
The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath 4.4% 43,100
The Shadow out of Time 3.5% 25,600
The Whisperer in Darkness 3.2% 26,700
The Rats in the Walls 2.9% 7,940

“What story would you recommend to a first-time reader of H.P. Lovecraft’s fiction?”

Story Percent Words
The Call of Cthulhu 21.9% 12,000
The Shadow over Innsmouth 8.5% 22,150
The Colour out of Space 6.6% 12,300
The Dunwich Horror 6.1% 17,590
At the Mountains of Madness 6.0% 41,500
The Rats in the Walls 5.6% 7,940
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward 5.3% 51,500
Dagon 4.7% 2,240
The Outsider 3.2% 2,620
Pickman’s Model 3.0% 5,570

First-time readers should exercise some caution when choosing from the above list. At the Mountains of Madness and The Case of Charles Dexter Ward are two of Lovecraft’s three longest stories and may be too lengthy an introduction to his work. Also, while “The Call of Cthulhu” is one of Lovecraft’s best-known and best-loved tales, its departure from more traditional horror stories may put off new readers.

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