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These pages provide alphabetical and chronological lists of Lovecraft’s writings, links to purchase collections of them, and also electronic texts of many of those writings.

Electronic Texts
A complete list of all the electronic texts of Lovecraft’s writings available on The H.P. Lovecraft Archive.
Collections of Lovecraft’s Works (Bookstore)
A list of books (and the companies that publish them) in which Lovecraft’s works may be found, as well as links to online bookstores where these books may be purchased.
Lovecraft’s Writings
Despite being known primarily as a horror writer, Lovecraft wrote on a remarkably wide variety of subjects. The following pages provide categorized lists of his works.
  • Fiction – A list of all of Lovecraft’s fiction, including revisions and collaborations.
  • Poetry – Lovecraft, like Poe, at one time considered himself primarily a poet.
  • Letters – Lovecraft was a voluminous letter-writer, and it is estimated that he wrote over 100,000 letters in his lifetime.
  • Amateur Journalism – Lovecraft’s talents blossomed under the influence of amateur journalism.
  • Literary Criticism – Lovecraft not only reviewed the works of others, he wrote numerous pieces on his philosophy of literature.
  • Science – Science fascinated Lovecraft from an early age, and he had especially strong interests in astronomy and chemistry.
  • Travel – Although some think of Lovecraft as a reclusive stay-at-home, he actually traveled quite extensively along the Atlantic seaboard.
  • Philosophy – Besides his literary philosophy, Lovecraft held strong views on the nature of the universe, which is clear throughout many of his tales.
  • Autobiographical – Lovecraft wrote several brief autobiographical sketches for his correspondents.
Noteworthy quotes from Lovecraft’s fiction, poems, essays, and letters.
Some of the more significant drawings Lovecraft made on his manuscripts.
Readings of many of Lovecraft’s works are available on album, tape, and compact disc.
August Derleth’s “Posthumous Collaborations”
August Derleth wrote stories based on fragments written by Lovecraft and then marketed those stories as collaborations between him and Lovecraft – or by Lovecraft alone.
Visitors’ Favorite Stories
Two top-ten lists based on a poll of visitors to The H.P. Lovecraft Archive.
Request for Manuscripts
If you own any Lovecraft-related manuscripts, please consider scanning them for us!
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