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Radio Broadcasts

Included here are audio recordings of radio broadcasts.

Arkham House: Home to Horror, Sci-Fi Writers (31 October 2004)
Wisconsin Public Radio’s Brian Bull speaks with Greg Bear, Ray Bradbury, April Derleth, Gary Gygax, and S.T. Joshi. This segment aired on National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition Sunday and focuses on Arkham House, though Lovecraft is frequently mentioned. 8 minutes.
H.P. Lovecraft (17 October 2006)
Liz Bulkley interviews Stephen Bissette about Lovecraft’s life and film adaptations of his works. This episode of New Hampshire Public Radio’s The Front Porch was broadcast in anticipation of the Lovecraft in Vermont/Horror in the Hills festival. 30 minutes.
Lurking Terror: H.P. Lovecraft’s Socialism (22 September 2001)
Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi is interviewed regarding Lovecraft’s life and political views. This episode of Dr. J. Hughes’ Changesurfer Radio was broadcast on the University of Connecticut’s radio station, WHUS. 29 minutes.
A New Lovecraft Anthology (15 March 2005)
In this segment of WBUR’s Here & Now, Lovecraft detractor Bill Marx talks with Peter Straub about the Library of America’s volume of Lovecraft. 8 minutes.
New Volume Collects Lovecraft Tales (22 April 2005)
A brief spot on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered in which Alan Cheuse reviews the Library of America’s volume of Lovecraft. 3 minutes.
S.T. Joshi on H.P. Lovecraft (23 November 2008)
This episode of To the Best of Our Knowledge begins with a brief excerpt from Garrick Hagon’s reading of Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu”. Jim Fleming then speaks with S.T. Joshi about Lovecraft’s philosophy of “cosmicism”. 14 minutes.
Weird Tales: The Strange Life of H.P. Lovecraft (3 December 2006)
An excellent program about Lovecraft that aired on BBC Radio’s Sunday Feature. Geoff Ward interviews Peter Cannon, Rosemary Cullen, Paul Di Filippo, Neil Gaiman, Derrick Hussey, S.T. Joshi, Kelly Link, Robert Marten, Marc Michaud, China Mieville, and Peter Straub. Although this program is no longer available on the BBC’s site, it can be listened to on Leopoldo Gout’s blog, Ghost Radio. 45 minutes.
“The Young Man of Providence” (10 or 16 September 1983)
This program alternates between biographical narration by Hugh Burden, quotes from Lovecraft’s letters by David March (as if spoken by Lovecraft), and excerpts from Lovecraft’s stories by Blayne Fairman and Garrard Green. Written for BBC Radio 4 by Mike Walker and directed by Shaun McLaughlin. 43 minutes.
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