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Article Issue: Pages
7: 22
12: 42
30: 16–17, 45
What was the Sussex Manuscript? by Edward P. Berglund [essay]
35: 23–25, 27
Lovecraft on Eldritch Tomes by Edward P. Berglund [essay]
35: 26–27
A Listing of Cthulhu Mythos Stories Appearing in Small Press Magazines and Fanzines compiled by Randall D. Larson; with assistance from Edward P. Berglund, Loay H. Hall, and Mike Ashley [essay]
35: 42–51
Further Notes on the Eltdown Shards by Edward P. Berglund [essay]
37: 49–51, 55
“The Burrowers Beneath” by Fritz Leiber by Edward P. Berglund [essay]
66: 19–21
72: 55
The Dunwich Cycle: Where the Old Gods Wait (Chaosium, 1995) edited by Robert M. Price; reviewed by Edward P. Berglund
94: 34–35
Ye Book of Monstres II: More Nightmares for Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium, 1996) by Scott David Aniolowski; reviewed by Edward P. Berglund
96: 25–26
Resume with Monsters (White Wolf Publishing) by William Browning Spencer; reviewed by Edward P. Berglund
96: 32
Review of Such Things May Be – Collected Writings by James Wade; edited by Edward P. Berglund; reviewed by Randall D. Larson
113: 48–49
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