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Article Issue: Pages
5: 43
Lovecraft and Classic American Literature by Peter Cannon [essay]
7: 17–19
8: 30–31
“The Mound”: An Appreciation by Peter H. Cannon [essay]
11: 30–32, 51
Letter by Peter Cannon
11: 55
The Inklings, Lovecraft, and the Kalems by Peter H. Cannon [essay]
13: 3–5
What Lovecraftdom and I Have Done to Each Other by Peter H. Cannon [essay]
15: 34, 20, 27
Who Wrote “The Tree on the Hill”? by Peter Cannon [essay]
17: 5
Did Lovecraft Read Middlemarch? by Peter Cannon [essay]
22: 51
Pulptime (Weirdbook Press, 1984) by Peter Cannon; illustrated by Stephen Fabian; foreword by Frank Belknap Long; afterword by Robert Bloch; reviewed by S. T. Joshi
25: 48–49
Letter by Peter Cannon
26: 23
31: 42–43
At the Mountains of Madness as a Sequel to Arthur Gordon Pym by Peter Cannon [essay]
32: 33–34
The Man Who Was Mosig by Peter Cannon [essay]
33: 36
Cold Print (Scream Press, 1985) by Ramsey Campbell; reviewed by Peter Cannon
33: 42–43
The Madness out of Space by Peter H. Cannon [fiction]
34: 35–58
Autobiographical Memoir (Necronomicon Press) by Frank Belknap Long; reviewed by Dabney Hoskins (Peter H. Cannon)
34: 59
Frank Belknap Long: A Personal Tribute by Peter H. Cannon [essay]
42: 53–55
The Fantasy & Mystery Bookshop by Peter H. Cannon [fiction]
47: 44–48
The Chronology Out of Time: Dates in the Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft (Necronomicon Press) by Peter Cannon; reviewed by Robert M. Price
48: 39–40
Letter by Peter H. Cannon
48: 46
Call Me Wizard Whateley: Echoes of Moby Dick in “The Dunwich Horror” by Peter H. Cannon [essay]
49: 21–23
Letter by Peter H. Cannon
51: 58–59
Asceticism and Lust: The Greatest Lovecraft Revision by Peter Cannon [fiction]
61: 29–31
Letter by Peter Cannon
61½: 30
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