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Article Issue: Pages
The Strange Case of Robert Ervin Howard by Charles Hoffman and Marc A. Cerasini [essay]
3: 3–7
5: 37–38
The Transition of Colin Wilson by Charles Hoffman and Marc A. Cerasini [essay]
7: 7–16, 26
Making a Friend of Horror by Charles Hoffman [essay]
14: 30–31
17: 45–47
Supernatural Horror in Lovecraft’s Literature by Charles Hoffman [essay]
22: 48–50
Photo of Red Hook Church located by Marc A. Cerasini and Charles Hoffman; photographed by Steven Mariconda [illustration]
28: 9
From Beyond (Empire Pictures) directed by Stuart Gordon; reviewed by Charles Hoffman
45: 32–34
Cthulhu (Baen Books) by Robert E. Howard; reviewed by Charles Hoffman
48: 41, 51–53
H.P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator (Pocket Books) by Jeff Rovin; reviewed by Charles Hoffman
48: 53–55
Robert E. Howard: Starmont Reader’s Guide 35 (1987) by Marc A. Cerasini and Charles Hoffman; reviewed by Stefan Dziemianowicz
51: 44–46
V: Tears of the Dead by Charles Hoffman [fiction]
64: 17–22
Letter by Charles Hoffman
85: 63
102: 13–21
103: 3–12
Letter by Charles Hoffman
104: 36
Flights to Hidden Lands: H. P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness and James Hilton’s Lost Horizon: A Study in Contrasts by Chuck Hoffman [essay]
115: 81–107
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