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Narrathoth, the Forgotten by Will Murray [essay]
35: 19–22
The New Devil’s Dictionary (W. Paul Ganley, Publisher) by J. N. Williamson; reviewed by Will Murray
35: 52–53
Letter by Will Murray
36: 47
Do Shoggoths Lurkā€¦? In The Case of Charles Dexter Ward? by Will Murray [essay]
37: 37–39
Spawn of the Moon-Bog by Will Murray [essay]
38: 20–25, 37
The Little Tow-Head Fiend: Or the Problem of “Herbert West” by Will Murray [essay]
38: 35–37
Lovecraft the Man, Lovecraft the Fan by Will Murray [essay]
38: 40–41, 43
Letter by Will Murray
38: 52
Interview 1 by Will Murray; interview of Robert Bloch
40: 27–30
Roots of the Miskatonic by Will Murray [essay]
45: 6–9
Lovecraft on Radio & Record by Will Murray [essay]
45: 14–18
The H.P. Lovecraft 1987 Calendar (Necronomicon Press) by S. T. Joshi; reviewed by Will Murray
45: 35–36
Letter by Will Murray
45: 41
Imaginative Allusions in Lovecraft’s Letters by Will Murray [essay]
46: 15–27
Lovecraft’s Providence and Adjacent Parts (Donald M. Grant, 1986, second edition) by Henry L. P. Beckwith; reviewed by Will Murray
46: 30, 37
The Man Who Edited Lovecraft by Will Murray [essay]
48: 3–5
Did Lovecraft Revise “The Curse of Alabad and Ghinu and Aratza”? by Will Murray [essay]
51: 15–16
Letter by Will Murray
51: 57
On “Azathoth” by Will Murray [essay]
53: 8–9
Where was the Place of Dagon? by Will Murray [essay]
53: 14–17
Who the Hell was Winfield Scott Phillips? by Will Murray [essay]
53: 27–29
I Found Innsmouth! by Will Murray [essay]
57: 10–14
A Letter of Acceptance by Will Murray [fiction]
61: 35–36
Folk Songs of the Cthulhu Mythos (Philo Records, 1988) by Buffy Sainte-Marie; reviewed by Ray W. Murrill (Will Murray)
61: 40–41
III: Tombstone Tribunal by Will Murray [fiction]
64: 11–14
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