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Cover Art by The Joey Zone [illustration]
111: front cover
Disturbing and Disquieting Editorial Shards: From Beyond Dunwich by Robert M. Price [editorial]
111: 2
Sadiva’s Lover by Gary Myers [fiction]
111: 3–6, 12
The Many Worlds of Clark Ashton Smith by Scott Connors [essay]
111: 7–12
Asperger Syndrome in R. H. Barlow’s “The Summons” by Charles D. O’Connor III [essay]
111: 13–17
When Shub Niggurath Came Down to the Mill by Randall D. Larson [poetry]
111: 17
Through the Gates of the Prepositional Phrase by Donald R. Burleson [essay]
111: 18–20
H. P. Lovecraft and the American Stonehenge: Hokum, Pseudo-archaeology, & the Imagination by Darrell Schweitzer [essay]
111: 21–23
The Muddle in High Street by Timothy Burall [essay]
111: 24–27
Cthulhuvian POV: Still Life, ie Freeze Frame (With Death) by Charles Lovecraft [poetry]
111: 27
Maal Dweb of Xiccarpth by Will Murray [essay]
111: 28–30
Don’t Dream by Charles Lovecraft [poetry]
111: 30
R’lyeh Reviews [review]
111: 31–36
Review of Paperbacks from Hell, the Twisted History of ’70s and ’80s Horror Fiction by Grady Hendrix; reviewed by Darrell Schweitzer
111: 31–33
Review of What Is Anything? by S. T. Joshi; reviewed by Mike Hunter
111: 33–34
Review of “Robert E. Howard: A Literary Biography” by David C. Smith; foreword by Rusty Burke; afterword by Fred C. Adams; reviewed by D. Sidney-Fryer
111: 34–36
Mail Call of Cthulhu [letter]
111: 36
De Vermis Mystery Solved! by Timothy Burall [essay]
111: 36

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