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Lovecraftian Proceedings
No. 4

Edited by Dennis P. Quinn and Elena Tchougounova-Paulson

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This fourth volume of selected papers from the Dr. Henry M. Armitage Memorial Scholarship Symposium, delivered at NecronomiCon Providence 2019, contains an array of groundbreaking articles on Lovecraft’s life, work, and thought. Papers by Kyle Gamache and Thomas Schwaiger focus on Lovecraft’s relations with his brilliant young friend R. H. Barlow, whose story “The Night Ocean” is one of the finest weird tales of its era. Elena Tchougounova-Paulson and Christian Roy address connections between Lovecraft’s work and that of the philosophers Alexander Blok and Georges Bataille.

Benjamin Davis studies contemporary views of Tibet in reference to Lovecraft’s citation of that obscure realm. Heather Poirier traces the relationship of Lovecraft’s work with the Southern literature of his time, while Jeremiah Dylan Cook probes the influence of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Herbert S. Gorman on “The Shadow over Innsmouth.” Other papers discuss the Necronomicon, such seminal tales as “The Outsider,” “Pickman’s Model,” “The Colour out of Space,” and At the Mountains of Madness, and other vital topics. In all, the essays in this volume constitute cutting-edge scholarship on one of the most provocative authors of his time.


  • Foreword by Niels-Viggo S. Hobbs
  • Introduction: Haunting Phantasms—A Bookworm Edition by Elena Tchougounova-Paulson and Dennis P. Quinn
  • Żaḥḥāk Beside Cthulhu: Philosophizing with Monsters in Persian Mythology and American Horror by Robert Landau Ames
  • The Influence of The Great Game on the Writings of H. P. Lovecraft: The Opening of Tibet and the Creation of Leng by Benjamin Davis
  • The Necronomicon Yalensis and Lovecraft in Connecticut by Edward Guimont
  • Lovecraft’s Archive: Materiality and Readership in Lovecraft’s Fiction by Cole Donovan
  • The Outsiders: Mapping Lovecraft’s Loathing by Paul Neimann
  • The Ebb of Sanity: “The Night Ocean” and Bipolar Disorder by Kyle Gamache
  • The Weird Within the Real: Common Territories in Lovecraft’s Fiction and Southern Literature by Heather Poirier
  • A Lover of Past Phantoms: Lovecraftian Reflections in R. H. Barlow’s Life and Work by Thomas Schwaiger
  • American Frankensteins: George Porter and George Poe, and Their Attempts to Reanimate the Dead in New England by Michael J. Bielawa
  • Encounters in the Mountains of Madness: H. P. Lovecraft and Werner Herzog at the World’s End by Lúcio Reis-Filho, Laura Cánepa, and Jamer de Mello
  • Fear and (Non) Fiction: Agrarian Anxiety in “The Colour out of Space” by Antonio Alejandro Barroso
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne and Herbert S. Gorman’s Shadows over Innsmouth by Jeremiah Dylan Cook
  • Neo-Gothic Decadence as a Pervasive Challenge in the Works of H. P. Lovecraft, Arthur Machen, and Alexander Blok by Elena Tchougounova-Paulson
  • Lovecraft’s Accursed Share in Bataille’s General Economy: Antiutilitarian Cosmologies and Anti-capitalist Social Visions by Christian Roy
  • A Sequence of Paintings So Horrible: Montage in Visual Adaptations of “Pickman’s Model” by Nathaniel R. Wallace
  • Contributors
  • Appendix: Abstracts from the Fourth Biennial Dr. Henry Armitage Memorial Scholarship Symposium of New Weird Fiction and Lovecraft-Related Research Providence, RI, 23–25 August 2019 by Dennis P. Quinn, Chair
  • Index

Bibliographic Information

Lovecraftian Proceedings Number 4. Edited by Dennis P. Quinn and Elena Tchougounova-Paulson. New York, NY: Hippocampus Press; 2022; ISBN 978-1-61498-361-3; paperback; 304 pages.

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This book may be purchased in paperback from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble or directly from the publisher, Hippocampus Press.

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