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L’Affaire Barlow:
H. P. Lovecraft and
the Battle for His Literary Legacy

By Marcos Legaria

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Even the most casual reader of Lovecraft’s work is aware that bringing his works to a mainstream audience was a journey fraught with complications. In L’Affaire Barlow, the author examines primary source material in detail never attempted before, clearly explaining how dangerously close Lovecraft’s work was to being litigated into obscurity. Bruised egos, personal vendettas, and Machiavellian plots abound, making control of the Lovecraft literary estate read like a tale from one of the pulp magazines.

Lovecraft designated Robert Barlow as his literary executor. Barlow created the Lovecraft archives at Brown University even as a campaign was waged to wrest control of Lovecraft’s work from him. Barlow’s reputation was destroyed among the Lovecraft circle. It was only after his premature death that his unyielding guardianship of Lovecraft’s legacy was fully understood despite the plot against him. L’Affaire Barlow is the story of Robert Barlow’s quest to preserve the Old Gent from Providence for the ages.


Marcos Legaria is an independent scholar located in southern California. He has appeared in such scholarly publications as Lovecraft Annual and Penumbra. He is a regular contributor to Spectral Realms and a member of the amateur press association the Esoteric Order of Dagon. Marcos is currently researching a full-length biography on the life and career of Robert H. Barlow.


    Foreword by Ken Faig, Jr.
  1. Incantations
  2. I Am Providence
  3. Robert H. Barlow as H.P. Lovecraft’s Literary Executor
  4. Barlow’s sorting through Lovecraft’s papers in Kansas City
  5. A summer’s stay in Leavenworth, and the unearthing of Lovecraft’s manuscripts
  6. Troubles with the Edith Miniter papers
  7. A year after H.P. Lovecraft’s death
  8. Incantations resurrected and The Hashish-Eater Devours Itself
  9. Derleth and Wandrei find an empty cupboard
  10. Judas takes a pen and writes to Clark Ashton Smith
  11. Albert Baker and Robert H. Barlow
  12. Derleth’s dispatching the Baker-Barlow letters to Smith
  13. Barlow moves to San Francisco and Le Vombiteur
  14. A Truce between Barlow and Smith
  15. Barlow’s defense of the affair in Golden Atom
  16. Arkham House requests a contribution from Barlow
  17. The Death of H.P. Lovecraft’s Literary Executor
  18. Coda
  19. Bibliography
    About the Author

Bibliographic Information

L’Affaire Barlow: H. P. Lovecraft and the Battle for His Literary Legacy. By Marcos Legaria. Sunrise, FL: Bold Venture Press; November 2023; ISBN 979-8-8655-7331-9 (paperback), 979-8-8676-7775-6 (hardcover/case laminate); 216 pages.

Purchasing This Book

This book may be purchased in paperback from Amazon.com, in hardcover from Amazon.com, or directly from the publisher, Bold Venture Press.

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