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Included here are documentaries on video, some of which are available for purchase.

The Case of Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1998)
This film uses extensive archival footage to re-create the atmosphere of Lovecraft’s era, and physically represents Lovecraft using a wooden cutout topped by Lovecraft’s silhouette. Though it has its touching moments, the film overemphasizes Lovecraft’s idiosyncrasies, and frequent second-person phrases such as “you, Lovecraft” are somewhat jarring. The DVD also includes “Weird”, a 20-minute “making of” featurette. Directed by Patrick Mario Bernard and Pierre Trividic; 45 minutes. (Purchase on DVD from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.)
The Eldritch Influence: The Life, Vision and Phenomenon of H.P. Lovecraft (2004)
Includes some excellent interviews with Ramsey Campbell, Neil Gaiman, Stuart Gordon, S.T. Joshi, Andrew Leman, Brian Lumley, Christian Matzke, Bryan Moore, Andrew Migliore, and Aaron Vanek. Unfortunately, the film also includes interviews with fictional “scholars” and supposed “cultists”, which detracts considerably from the film’s otherwise scholarly tone. The DVD also includes a trailer, deleted scenes, and galleries of Lovecraftian art. Directed by Shawn Owens; 82 minutes. (Purchase on DVD from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.)
Favourite Haunts: A Journey Thro’ H.P. Lovecraft’s Providence (1990)
This biography of Lovecraft features locations in Providence that shaped his life and works. Also shown are photographs of Lovecraft and his family, as well as numerous Lovecraft manuscripts and books. This documentary is hosted by Henry L. P. Beckwith, Jr., author of Lovecraft’s Providence & Adjacent Parts. Directed by William K. Desjardins; 27 minutes; VHS.
I Am Providence: A Story of H.P. Lovecraft and His City (1997)
Created by two professors from the Rhode Island School of Design, this documentary was produced for Polish public television. Those interviewed include Henry L. P. Beckwith, Jr.; Domenic Cleri; Paul Dolbish; Michael Fink; Robert Harrall; Jim Hunt; Marc A. Michaud; Rebecca More; John H. Stanley; and Keith Waldrop. Although not as comprehensive as other documentaries, it features some excellent footage of Providence and of several Lovecraft manuscripts. It was shown at least once at the RISD auditorium in 1998. Directed by Agnieszka Taborska and Marcin Giżycki; 28 minutes.
Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown (2009)
A visually impressive film which includes interviews with Ramsey Campbell, John Carpenter, Guillermo Del Toro, Neil Gaiman, Stuart Gordon, S.T. Joshi, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Andrew Migliore, Robert M. Price, and Peter Straub. Shown are numerous photographs of Lovecraft, his family, his friends, and his manuscripts, though the film relies a bit too heavily on Lovecraftian art. The DVD also includes a trailer, extended interviews, and a Lovecraftian art gallery. Directed by Frank H. Woodward; 90 minutes. (Purchase on Blu-ray from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble or on DVD from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.)
Skräckministeriet: Det inre monstret (2009)
Ministry of Horror is a documentary series about horror made for Swedish television. The first episode, “The Inner Monster”, includes a segment on Lovecraft in which Rosemary Cullen, Donovan K. Loucks, and Joyce Carol Oates are interviewed. Reporting by Lena Jordebo and produced by Carl Tofft; 10 minutes.
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