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Lovecraft Remembered

Edited by Peter Cannon


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In the years following H.P. Lovecraft’s premature death in 1937, many of his friends and admirers were moved to write down their personal impressions of the man. These early reminiscences appeared mainly in obscure amateur journals or in the Arkham House miscellany volumes starting in 1944 with Marginalia. Some of the more important ones have since been reprinted, but a great deal of worthy material for too long has been available, if available at all, only to those willing to pay high premiums in the collector’s market.
     Now, in one omnibus volume, Lovecraft scholar Peter Cannon has gathered all the major shorter memoirs, together with some rare contemporary glimpses from the amateur press before the master fantasist made his mark in Weird Tales. Here are such classic tributes from the 1940s as W. Paul Cook’s “In Memoriam,” Winfield Townley Scott’s “His Own Most Fantastic Creation,” and R.H. Barlow’s “The Wind That Is in the Grass.” Later reminiscences include Kenneth Sterling’s brilliant account of Lovecraft in his final years in Providence and Mara Kirk Hart’s fascinating chronicle of the Kalem Club based on the letters of her father, George Kirk.
     Rounding out the book is a selection of early criticism, which charts the progress of Lovecraft’s reputation from August Derleth’s Cthulhu mythologizing to Fritz Leiber’s cosmic insights. Veteran Lovecraftians and new acolytes alike will welcome Lovecraft Remembered as an invaluable trove of first-hand information on their literary hero.


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  1. Neighbors
    • Winfield Townley Scott, “His Own Most Fantastic Creation: Howard Phillips Lovecraft” (1944)
    • Marian F. Bonner, “Miscellaneous Impressions of H.P.L” (1945)
    • Mary V. Dana, “A Glimpse of H.P.L.” (1945)
    • August Derleth, “Lovecraft’s Sensitivity” (1949)
    • Dorothy C. Walter, “Three Hours with H.P. Lovecraft” (1959)
    • Muriel Eddy, “The Gentleman from Angell Street” (1961)
    • C.M. Eddy, Jr., “Walks with H.P. Lovecraft” (1966)
    • Harold W. Munro, “Lovecraft, My Childhood Friend” (1983)
  2. Amateurs
    • Andrew Francis Lockhart, “Little Journeys to the Homes of Prominent Amateurs” (1915)
    • Edith Miniter, amateur writings (1920–1923)
    • George Julian Houtain, amateur writings (1921)
    • Maurice W. Moe, “Howard Phillips Lovecraft: The Sage of Providence” (1937)
    • Ira Cole, “A Tribute from the Past” (1937)
    • E.A. Edkins, “Idiosyncracies of H.P.L.” (1940)
    • Edward H. Cole, “Ave atque Vale!” (1940)
    • W. Paul Cook, “In Memoriam: Howard Phillips Lovecraft: Recollections, Appreciations, Estimates” (1941)
    • Rheinhart Kleiner, “Discourse on H.P. Lovecraft” (1951)
    • Alfred Galpin, “Memories of a Friendship” (1959)
    • L. Sprague de Camp, “Young Man Lovecraft” (1978)
  3. Kalems
    • James F. Morton, “A Few Memories” (1940)
    • Frank Belknap Long, “Some Random Memories of H.P.L.” (1944)
    • Rheinhart Kleiner, “Bards and Bibliophiles” (1944)
    • Rheinhart Kleiner, “A Memoir of Lovecraft” (1949)
    • Samuel Loveman, “Howard Phillips Lovecraft” (1949)
    • Samuel Loveman, “Lovecraft as a Conversationalist” (1958)
    • Wilfred B. Talman, “The Normal Lovecraft” (1973)
    • Mara Kirk Hart, “Walkers in the City: George Willard Kirk and Howard Phillips Lovecraft in New York City, 1924–1926” (1993)
  4. Ladies
    • Hazel Heald, “In Memoriam” (1937)
    • Sonia H. Davis, “Lovecraft as I Knew Him” (1949)
    • Zealia Bishop, “H.P. Lovecraft: A Pupil’s View” (1953)
    • Sonia H. Davis, “Memories of Lovecraft: I” (1969)
    • Helen V. Sully, “Memories of Lovecraft: II” (1969)
  5. Professionals
    • Robert Bloch, letter to Weird Tales (1937)
    • Clark Ashton Smith, letter to Weird Tales (1937)
    • Robert W. Lowndes, “A Tribute to Lovecraft” (1937)
    • Henry George Weiss (Francis Flagg), “The Genius of Lovecraft” (1937)
    • E. Hoffmann Price, “The Man Who Was Lovecraft” (1949)
    • Fritz Leiber, “My Correspondence with Lovecraft” (1958)
    • Donald Wandrei, “Lovecraft in Providence” (1959)
    • Robert Bloch, “Out of the Ivory Tower” (1959)
    • H. Warner Munn, “H.P.L.: A Reminiscence” (1976)
    • Vrest Orton, “Recollections of H.P. Lovecraft” (1982)
  6. Fans
    • R.H. Barlow, “The Barlow Journal” (1934)
    • R.H. Barlow, “The Wind That Is in the Grass: A Memoir of H.P. Lovecraft in Florida” (1944)
    • William L. Crawford, “Lovecraft’s First Book” (1959)
    • J. Vernon Shea, “H.P. Lovecraft: The House and the Shadows” (1966)
    • Kenneth Sterling, “Caverns Measureless to Man” (1976)
    • Will Murray, “Autumn in Providence: Harry K. Brobst on Lovecraft” (1997)
  7. Critics
    • Rheinhart Kleiner, “A Note on Howard P. Lovecraft’s Verse” (1919)
    • Howard Wolf, “Variety” column (1927)
    • Robert E. Howard, letter to Weird Tales (1928)
    • Vrest Orton, “A Weird Writer Is in Our Midst” (1928)
    • August Derleth, “H.P. Lovecraft, Outsider” (1937)
    • Dorothy C. Walter, “Lovecraft and Benefit Street” (1943)
    • T.O. Mabbott, “H.P. Lovecraft: An Appreciation” (1944)
    • Kenneth Sterling, “Lovecraft and Science” (1944)
    • Vincent Starrett, “H.P. Lovecraft” (1944)
    • Vincent Starrett, “The Lovecraft Legend” (1945)
    • Winfield Townley Scott, “A Parenthesis on Lovecraft as Poet” (1945)
    • Matthew H. Onderdonk, “The Lord of R’lyeh” (1945)
    • Matthew H. Onderdonk, “Charon—In Reverse; Or, H.P. Lovecraft Versus the ‘Realists’ of Fantasy” (1948)
    • Fritz Leiber, “A Literary Copernicus” (1949)
    • Joseph Payne Brennan, “H.P. Lovecraft, An Evaluation” (1955)
    • Fritz Leiber, “Through Hyperspace with Brown Jenkin: Lovecraft’s Contribution to Speculative Fiction” (1966)
    • Frank Belknap Long, “Epilogue: Lovecraft and Poe” (1975)

Bibliographic Information

Lovecraft Remembered. Edited by Peter Cannon. Sauk City, WI: Arkham House Publishers, Inc.; 1999; ISBN 0-87054-173-0; Hardcover.

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This book may be purchased in hardcover from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble or directly from the publisher, Arkham House.

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