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H.P. Lovecraft’s Family

H.P. Lovecraft came from a long line of New Englanders.

[Family Tree -- First Generation]
[Family Tree -- Second Generation]
[Family Tree -- Third Generation]
[Family Tree -- Fourth Generation]
[Family Tree -- Fifth Generation]

The primary sources for this illustration are Kenneth W. Faig, Jr.’s Some of the Descendants of Asaph Phillips and Esther Whipple of Foster, Rhode Island (Moshassuck Press), The Parents of Howard Phillips Lovecraft (Necronomicon Press), and Richard D. Squires’ Stern fathers ’neath the mould: The Lovecraft Family in Rochester (Necronomicon Press).

  • Augusta Charlotte Allgood (1842–12 March 1884): The younger sister by 22 years of Helen Allgood, she was adopted at age ten by Helen’s husband, George, when her father, William Allgood, died.
  • Helen Allgood (1820–1881): Lovecraft’s paternal grandmother. Wife of George Lovecraft, whom she married in 1839. She gave birth to five children: a stillborn, Cordelia Amanda, Emily Jane, Winfield Scott, and Mary Louisa. Her sister, Augusta Charlotte Allgood, who was 22 years her junior, was adopted when she was 10 by George Lovecraft upon the death of her father, making Helen her own sister’s mother.
  • James Brown (1806–23 November 1889): Husband of Mary Lovecraft, whom he married on 2 March 1854. While in Ireland, James had two sons, Isaac and Adam, by Margaret Rountree, who died in 1836. James then moved to the United States, settling in Rochester by 1839, and finding work with the railroads. In 1846 he married Sarah Hurlburt, with whom he had four more children, Mary Jane, James, Saragh Anne (1851), and Saragh Anne (1853). When he finally met Mary Lovecraft, who was twenty-two years his junior, he was raising at least four children on his own.
  • Franklin Chase Clark (26 May 1847–26 April 1915): Lovecraft’s maternal uncle and husband of Lillian Delora Phillips, whom he married on 10 April 1902. In 1869 Franklin received an A.B. from Brown University and in 1872 he received his M.D. from the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. From this point until his death in 1915 he practiced medicine in Providence.
  • Israel Cole (1807–28 January 1886): Husband of Esther Phillips, he was a farmer in Foster, Rhode Island.
  • Annie M. Davidson (b. 1841): James Phillips’ third wife, married on 18 June 1860.
  • Letitia Edgecombe (?–?): Lovecraft’s paternal great-great-grandmother. Lovecraft claims that she gave birth to at least six of Thomas Lovecraft’s children, among them Lovecraft’s paternal great-grandfather, Joseph S. Lovecraft.
  • Lucy Fry (1794–17 June 1884): Sister of Richard Fry and wife of Benoni Phillips, whom she married in 1811. She gave birth to 11 children: Almyra, Eliza L., Susan, Olney, Harley F., Mary Ann, Asaph, Jeremiah Benoni, Esther W., James W., and Lucy E.
  • Richard Fry (1789–1855): Brother of Lucy Fry and husband of Waite Phillips, whom he married 6 October 1811.
  • Mary Full? (1782–14 August 1864): Lovecraft’s paternal great-grandmother. Mary was both the wife and cousin of Joseph S. Lovecraft. She gave birth to six children: John Full, William, Joseph Jr., George, Aaron, and Mary.
  • Edward Francis Gamwell (22 May 1869–10 May 1936): Lovecraft’s maternal uncle through Annie Emeline Phillips, whom Edward married 3 June 1897. After Edward and Annie married, they moved from Providence, Rhode Island to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was successively employed as the city editor of the Cambridge Chronicle, the owner and editor of the Cambridge Tribune, and the editor of the Budget and the American Cultivator. Sometime in or before 1916 Edward and Annie separated, although they never legally divorced.
  • Eliza W. Gardner (1809–26 March 1846): Wife of Whipple Phillips, whom she married 10 March 1830. She gave birth to four children: Mary Brayton, Theodore Winthrop, William Henry, and an unnamed infant daughter who died soon after birth.
  • Elenor Gaskin (1806–13 October 1890): Wife of John Full Lovecraft, whom she married on 8 June 1833. She gave birth to six children: Rhoda Ellen, Joshua John, Sidney Joseph, William, Josephine Ann, and Silas.
  • Sonia Haft Greene (16 March 1883–26 December 1972): Wife of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, whom she married on 3 March 1924. Some of Sonia’s biographical details are unclear—she was born as either Sonia Haft Shafirkin or as Sonia Shaferkin Haft in either Ichnya, Ukraine or Konotop, Chernigov Province. She first emigrated to England with her mother and later to New York City, arriving there in either 1892 or 1895. On 24 December 1899, Sonia married Samuel Greene, whose name may have originally been Samuel Seckendorff; he died sometime around 1916, perhaps by suicide. During this marriage, Sonia gave birth to two children: a son who died before four months of age, and Florence Carol. Sonia met Howard Phillips Lovecraft in 1921 through their common interest in amateur journalism. They were married in St. Paul’s Chapel in Manhattan, and lived together in Brooklyn. After their separation, she moved to California where, in 1936, she married Dr. Nathaniel Abraham Davis, who died only ten years later. For much of her life, Sonia worked in women’s fashions, at one time owning her own millinery (hat) shop.
  • Isaac C. Hill (1849–1932): Lovecraft’s paternal uncle and husband of Emily Jane Lovecraft. He was principal of the Pelham (New York) High School.
  • Daniel Howard Jr. (15 March 1787–15 July 1879): Husband of Betsey Phillips, whom he married 24 September 1809. Daniel was, like his father before him, Town Clerk of Foster, Rhode Island, serving in this capacity for 25 years. During this same time he represented the town of Foster in the Rhode Island House of Representatives, served as a justice of the Court of Common Pleas, and was an associate justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court. After the death of Betsey Phillips, he married Lurana Wilbur (11 March 1815–18 August 1908) on 21 April 1851.
  • Aaron Lovecraft (1817–14 December 1870): Aaron arrived in Rochester from Devonshire in 1830. He began working as a tailor and in 1841 started working with men’s clotheir B.P. Robinson & Co., eventually becoming a foreman in 1849. He married Althea Veazie in 1842. Aaron was acquainted with the founders of the Western Union Telegraph Co. and was an early investor in that company. In 1861 he purchased B.P. Robinson & Co., renaming the company Lovecraft & Goodrich, after himself and his partner, Frederick Goodrich. In the following years the company prospered and Aaron became one of Rochester’s best respected and admired employers.
  • Cordelia Amanda Lovecraft (25 April 1841–7 May 1841): Daughter of George Lovecraft and Helen Allgood, she only lived to be 12 days old.
  • Elizabeth Lovecraft (1812–31 October 1896): Wife and cousin of Joseph Lovecraft Jr., whom she married on 10 October 1839. She gave birth to two children: Matilda Jane and Joshua Elliott.
  • Emily Jane Lovecraft (1849–1925): Lovecraft’s paternal aunt and wife of Isaac C. Hill. She gave birth to one child, Mary Ida Emily.
  • George Lovecraft (1814–1895): Lovecraft’s paternal grandfather. He arrived in Rochester around 1831 and married Helen Allgood in 1839. He worked as a harness maker until at least 1850, after which he worked as a salesman for Mt. Hope Garden and Nursery. Some time after 1861, he moved his family to Mt. Vernon, New York.
  • Howard Phillips Lovecraft (20 August 1890–15 March 1937): The only child of Winfield Scott Lovecraft and Sarah Susan Phillips, Howard was born, raised in, and died in Providence, Rhode Island. “I Am Providence” is carved on his tombstone.
  • John Full Lovecraft (1806–16 April 1877): First son of Joseph S. Lovecraft, he married Elenor Gaskin on 8 June 1833. He worked in Rochester as a carpenter until he opened his own mill on an island in the Genessee River in 1849.
  • Joseph S. Lovecraft (1775–28 March 1850): Lovecraft’s paternal great-grandfather. Joseph left Newton-Abbot, Devonshire, England with his wife, Mary, sometime between 1827 and 1831 to move to the United States, eventually settling in Rochester, New York. Joseph and two of his sons (Joseph Jr. and William) worked there as coopers, making barrels for flour.
  • Joseph Lovecraft Jr. (1811–7 November 1879): Joseph arrived in Rochester from Devonshire on 24 May 1831. After working as a cooper, he opened a manufacturing company, W & J Lovecraft, with his brother, William. He married his cousin, Elizabeth Lovecraft, on 10 October 1839. He began Joseph Lovecraft & Son, his own barrel manufacturing firm, in 1856, but financial hardships pushed him to move to Indianapolis from 1869 to 1871, when he moved back to Rochester.
  • Mary Lovecraft (1828–24 February 1907): Wife of James Brown, whom she married on 2 March 1854. She gave birth to nine children: James Eliot, George Henry, William Lovecraft, Frederick Joseph, Robert Bell, Henry Donovan, Frank Clifford, Edward Fulton, and Aaron Lovecraft. All but Robert Bell died before seven years of age.
  • Mary Louisa Lovecraft (1855–1916): Lovecraft’s paternal aunt and wife of Paul Mellon.
  • Thomas Lovecraft (1745–1826): Lovecraft’s paternal great-great-grandfather. Lovecraft claims that Thomas sold “his family seat,” Minster Hall, in 1823 due to financial difficulties.
  • William Lovecraft (1 February 1808–26 September 1882): William left Devonshire on 4 May 1831 and married Eliza Ann Randall in Rochester, New York in February 1825. Like his brother, Joseph Jr., he worked as a cooper, and the two opened a manufacturing company, W & J Lovecraft. The company dissolved around 1869 and after that William worked as the owner of a wood yard.
  • Winfield Scott Lovecraft (26 October 1853–19 July 1898): Lovecraft’s father. Named after General Winfield Scott, who visited Rochester, New York, on 14 October 1852. In the early 1870s he worked for the James Cunningham, Son & Company carriage factory as a blacksmith. His whereabouts from 1874 to 1889 are not clear, although it has been suggested that he worked in New York City for his cousin, Frederick. In 1889 he began working as a traveling salesman for Providence’s Gorham & Company. He married Sarah Susan Phillips on 12 June 1889 at St. Paul’s in Boston. In 1893 he began having hallucinations while in Chicago on business, and on 25 April he was admitted to Butler Hospital in Providence, diagnosed as having “general paresis”—the tertiary stage of neurosyphilis.
  • Gardner Lyon (11 April 1804–20 July 1849): Husband of Anna Phillips, whom he married 17 March 1823.
  • Martha Helen Mathews (22 June 1868–9 February 1916): Lovecraft’s maternal aunt through his uncle, Edwin Everett Phillips, whom Martha married on 30 July 1894 and 23 March 1903.
  • Paul Mellon (1863–1910): Lovecraft’s paternal uncle and husband of Mary Louisa Lovecraft.
  • Susan Paine: First wife of James Phillips, whom she married on 4 November 1819. She gave birth to one child, Theodore Winthrop.
  • Abbie E. Phillips (1839–1873): Wife of Jeremiah E. Phillips, to whom she gave four children.
  • Anna M. Phillips (19 May 1825–10 January 1829): Daughter of Jeremiah Phillips and Roby Rathbun, she only lived to be 3 years, 7 months, and 22 days old.
  • Anne Phillips (6 February 1804–30 December 1845): Wife of Gardner Lyon, whom she married 17 March 1823. She gave birth to eight children: Annie, Albert, Jason, Alden, Hannah, Susan, Esther, and Samantha.
  • Annie Emeline Phillips (10 July 1866–29 January 1941): Lovecraft’s maternal aunt. In October 1916 Annie and Edward were separated when she took their son, Phillips, to Roswell, Colorado in the hopes of arresting his tuberculosis (it is possible that they separated earlier than this). When Phillips died on 31 December 1916 Annie returned not to Edward in Cambridge, but to Providence where she spent most of the rest of her life with her nephew, Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Edward and Annie were never legally divorced.
  • Asaph (Asa) Phillips (4 July 1764–7 July 1829): Lovecraft’s maternal great-great-grandfather and wife of Esther Whipple, whom Asaph married on 16 August 1787.
  • Benoni Phillips (19 February 1788–9 September 1850):
  • Betsey Phillips (22 August 1789–16 December 1849):
  • Edwin Everett Phillips (14 February 1864–14 November 1918): Lovecraft’s maternal uncle and husband of Martha Helen Mathews, whom Edwin married on 30 July 1894 and 23 March 1903. Edwin was involved in the business of his father, Whipple Van Buren Phillips, until Whipple’s death in 1904. After that, he worked as a “manufacturer’s representative, real estate and mortgage agent, rent collector, notary public...coin dealer” and “salesman and treasurer for a refrigeration company” [Some of the Descendants..., Faig].
  • Emeline Estella Phillips (15 July 1859–15 April 1865):
  • Esther Phillips (20 June 1807–18 August 1881): Wife of Israel Cole, she gave birth to six children: Mary, Leonard, William, Olney P., Waite Ann, and an unnamed daughter.
  • James Phillips (10 March 1794–24 May 1878):
  • James Wheaton Phillips (11 March 1830–9 February 1901):
  • Jeremiah Phillips (29 January 1800–20 November 1848): Lovecraft’s maternal great-grandfather.
  • Lillian Delora Phillips (20 April 1856–3 July 1932): Lovecraft’s maternal aunt.
  • Mary Ann Phillips (1803–29 August 1852): James Phillips’ second wife, married ca. 1822.
  • Sarah Susan Phillips (17 October 1857–24 May 1921): Lovecraft’s mother and the wife of Winfield Scott Lovecraft, whom she married on 12 June 1889.
  • Seth Phillips (29 May 1828–10 January 1829):
  • Susan Esther Phillips (1827–28 July 1851):
  • Waite Phillips (25 September 1791–21 September 1883):
  • Wheaton Phillips (1823/24):
  • Whipple Phillips (4 January 1797–16 May 1856):
  • Whipple Van Buren Phillips (22 November 1833–28 March 1904): Lovecraft’s maternal grandfather. A portrait of Phillips is available, courtesy of Tim Fitzhugh (Senior Warden) and Russell Kawa (Secretary) of the Ionic Lodge in Greene, Rhode Island, which Phillips founded.
  • Jane Ann Place (11 March 1829–24 August 1900):
  • Roby Alzada Place (18 April 1827–26 January 1896): Lovecraft’s maternal grandmother.
  • Eliza Ann Randall (1 July 1813–8 May 1874): Wife of William Lovecraft, whom she married in February 1825. She gave birth to two children, Arthur Joseph and Laura Maria.
  • Roby Rathbun (29 June 1797–16 July 1848): Lovecraft’s maternal great-grandmother.
  • John Lovecraft Taylor (1836–28 January 1899): Lovecraft’s paternal uncle through his wife, the sister and adopted daughter of Helen Allgood, Augusta Charlotte Allgood.
  • Althea E. Veazie (1818–8 August 1905): Wife of Aaron Lovecraft, whom she married in 1842. She gave birth to five children: Georgia Frances, Mary Mindwell, Martha, Frederick Aaron, and Florence Veazie. Her mother, like Lovecraft’s wife, Sonia, operated a millinery (hat) store.
  • Esther Whipple (2 April 1767–11 December 1842): Lovecraft’s maternal great-great-grandmother. Married Asaph Phillips on 16 August 1787.
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