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This portion of the alt.horror.cthulhu FAQ was brought to you by Donovan K. Loucks (webmaster@hplovecraft.com).

  • Q: What internet Usenet groups might be of interest to Lovecraft fans?

    A: The newsgroups of primary interest are:

    Those of secondary interest include (in alphabetical order):

    Those of tertiary interest include (in alphabetical order):

  • Q: What Lovecraft info/stuff is available via ftp?

    A: In terms of textual information, the World-Wide Web has, for the most part, replaced ftp. However, there are still many ftp sites where Lovecraft-related programs and files can be found.

    • Alt.Horror.Cthulhu FAQ
      • Maintained by Donovan K. Loucks (dloucks@primenet.com)
      • address: ftp.primenet.com/users/d/dloucks/ahc

    • “Chaosium Digest” archive at Berkeley
      • The “Chaosium Digest” includes articles on all of Chaosium’s games, including “Call of Cthulhu.”
      • Available in ASCII or Windows Help File formats, although there are more issues in ASCII format.
      • address: ftp.csua.berkeley.edu/pub/chaosium/archive

    • Chaosium’s “Call of Cthulhu” archive at Berkeley
      • Anonymous ftp site for the “Call of Cthulhu” role-playing game.
      • Maintained by Shannon Appel (sappel@netcom.com).
      • Materials available includes character sheets, character generation programs, the “Mythos-Delvers” archive, photographs, a “Cthulhu Mythos” bibliography, and “The Shadow Over Usenet” archive.
      • address: ftp.csua.berkeley.edu/pub/chaosium/cthulhu

    • Cthulhu Gif at Wuarchive
      • This image is a scan of Raymond Bayless’ cover to Arkham House’s The Dunwich Horror and Others.
      • directory: wuarchive.wustl.edu/multimedia/images/gif/c
      • file: cthulhu.gif

    • Necronomicon directory at LIU in Sweden
      • This directory contains:
        • The entry for the Necronomicon in the Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology, 2nd Ed.,
        • Colin Low’s Necronomicon “Anti-FAQ,”
        • and a brief article by Tyagi Mordred Nagasiva regarding the nature of the “Simon” Necronomicon.
      • address: ftp.lysator.liu.se/pub/magick/Necronomicon

    • Necronomicon FAQ
    • Necronomicon Press archive at Berkeley
      • Materials available includes a catalog, a checklist of publications, and an issue of The New Lovecraft Collector.
      • address: ftp.csua.berkeley.edu/pub/cthulhu/necropress

    • Pagan Publishing archive at Berkeley
      • Materials available includes a catalog, a transcript of a “Delta Green” session, and issues 1 through 4 of The Unspeakable Oath.
      • address: ftp.csua.berkeley.edu/pub/chaosium/paganpub

  • Q: What Lovecraft information is available at World Wide Web sites?

    A: There are dozens of Lovecraft-related pages dotting the web. Many of them consist of nothing but collections of links, but those in the list below provide their own unique information.

    • “The H.P. Lovecraft Archive” (Donovan Loucks)
      • The URL is: https://www.hplovecraft.com
      • Maintained by Donovan K. Loucks (webmaster@hplovecraft.com), the keeper of this FAQ.
      • Includes over 30 photographs of Lovecraftian locations in New England!

    • “Beyond Books” (Andrew Migliore)
      • The URL is: http://www.teleport.com/~beyond
      • “Arkham House Price Guide” page.
      • “H.P. Lovecraft in the Movies” page.

    • Chaosium’s Page
      • The URL is: http://www.chaosium.com

    • The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets page
      • The URL is: http://www.holycow.com/thickets
      • Maintained by Joe Fulgham (puck@holycow.com)
      • The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets is a band from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, that plays “punky surf tunes.”

    • “De Web Mysteriis” (Laurent Alquier)
      • The URL is: http://www.eerie.fr/~alquier/cthulhu.html.

    • “Dossier Howard Phillips Lovecraft” (Carles Bellver)
      • The URL is http://nti.uji.es/CPE/ed/0.0/hpl.

    • “H.P. Lovecraft Image Gallery” (Jack Graham)
      • The URL is: http://crow.acns.nwu.edu:8082/hpl.

    • “Ia, Shub-Niggurath!” page (Peter Vorobieff)
      • The URL is: http://www.rt66.com/~kalmoth/hpl.html

    • I-Motion’s Page
      • The URL is: http://www.imotion.com
      • I-Motion (with Infogrames) is the maker of a line of Lovecraftian computer games, including “Alone in the Dark,” “Shadow of the Comet,” and “Prisoner of Ice.”

    • Infogrames Entertainment page
      • The URL is: http://www.infogrames.fr
      • Infogrames (with I-Motion) is the maker of a line of Lovecraftian computer games, including “Alone in the Dark,” “Shadow of the Comet,” and “Prisoner of Ice.”

    • Necronomicon Press Page
      • The URL is: http://www.necropress.com.
      • Maintained by Marc Michaud (necropress@ids.net)

    • The NetherReal
      • A very thorough site devoted to the fiction and art of H.P. Lovecraft and the “Cthulhu Mythos.”
      • The URL is http://www.netherreal.de
      • Maintained by Jim Hawley (editor@netherreal.de)

    • Reader’s Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos
      • A great reference to the fiction and poetry of the “Cthulhu Mythos,” using Berglund’s A Reader’s Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos (1969) as a starting point.
      • The URL is http://www.toddalan.com/~berglund
      • Maintained by Edward P. Berglund (berglund@feemsb.toddalan.com), editor of The Disciples of Cthulhu, the first Cthulhu Mythos anthology of original fiction.

  • Q: What mailing lists exist that contain Lovecraftian information?

    A: Mailing lists function like a newsgroup, although messages are received via e-mail rather than news. The following mailing lists are devoted to Lovecraft or the “mythos.”

    • The Chaosium Digest - This weekly digest is about all Chaosium games, primarily “Call of Cthulhu,” “Elric!,” “Nephilim” and “Pendragon.” To subscribe, write Shannon Appel at appel@erzo.org and request to be added to the list. Note that subscription and unsubscription is not automated. Archives of The Chaosium Digest may be found at


    • Strange Aeons - This mailing list is specifically about “Call of Cthulhu” and may be subscribed to by e-mailing strange-aeons-l@lists.consensus.com and including the word “SUBSCRIBE” in the subject of the message.

    • Dark Designs - This is a newer mailing list just about “Call of Cthulhu” which can be subscribed to by e-mailing dark-designs-requests@iastate.edu. Like The Chaosium Digest, subscription is not automated.

  • Q: What IRC channels are devoted to Lovecraft and the Mythos?

    A: Marv Boyes (mlboyes@orion.branch-co.lib.mi.us) has established the #cthulhu channel on DALnet for the express discussion of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. Marv is working on a robot, named Brown_Jenkin, which will answer simple questions about Lovecraft in the absence of anyone else. A number of people from the alt.horror.cthulhu newsgroup meet there Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8 PST (9 to 11 EST). For more information on how to connect to DALnet, check http://www.dalnet.com or http://www.dal.net.

  • Q: What other sources are available on the Internet?

    A: Although not strictly on the Internet, the following service may be accessed through an Online Service Provider.

    • Chaosium Online
      • A service of America Online
      • “provides game descriptions, press releases, answers to questions, etc.”
      • Contributed by: Keith Ivey (kcivey@cpcug.org)

  • Q: Are any Call of Cthulhu games available via the internet (PBEM, MUDs, MOOs, MUSHes, etc.)?

    A: First, there is always the possibility of someone running an informal Play-By-E-Mail (PBEM) game. These come and go, and will not be listed here.

End of Part 7 of the alt.horror.cthulhu FAQ, “Internet.”

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