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About the FAQ

This portion of the alt.horror.cthulhu FAQ was brought to you by Donovan K. Loucks (webmaster@hplovecraft.com).

  • Q: What is a FAQ?

    A: A FAQ is a list of the “Frequently Asked Questions” for a particular Usenet group on the Internet. It is set up like you see here, with questions and answers, which basically prevent people from having to repeatedly answer the Frequently Asked Questions (by new users primarily).

  • Q: How will this FAQ be organized?

    A: Basically, this FAQ will be organized by subject matter, with each subject being uploaded to the internet as an individual posting. Thus, to get the whole FAQ you need to download each part. This is to allow people to pick and choose those FAQ subjects which interest them, and skip those which do not.

    This FAQ is slightly different than others on the internet, in that it contains MUCH more than just “Frequently Asked Questions.” It also contains lists of information which people familiar with H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos find interesting, thus making it a fairly lengthy set of files.

    Note: All addresses for companies or organizations are listed in one question in the “General” part of the FAQ.

    Anytime that a question mark (?) appears in the FAQ, that means that the information has not been verified, or is somehow in question. If you have verifiable info on anything tagged with a ‘?’, please e-mail that info to me, and I will try to fix it for the next FAQ posting.

  • Q: What are the sections of the FAQ?

    A: The FAQ sections are:

  • Q: What questions are in the FAQ?

    A: By section, the following questions are asked and answered in the FAQ:

    • About the FAQ
      • What is a FAQ?
      • How will this FAQ be organized?
      • What are the sections of the FAQ?
      • What questions are in the FAQ?
      • How do I get a copy of the entire FAQ?
      • Will you E-mail me the FAQ?
      • Who contributed to this FAQ?
      • Are all of the credited things above in this FAQ?
      • What areas will be covered in the future?
      • What subjects are unavailable at this time?
    • General
      • What is this newsgroup about?
      • What is Cthulhu?
      • How is “Cthulhu” pronounced?
      • Who is H.P. Lovecraft?
      • Where is H.P. Lovecraft buried?
      • Where does August Derleth stand in all this?
      • Does anyone actually take Mythos fiction as fact?
      • What are the addresses of companies in the FAQ?
    • Written Works
      • What stories did Lovecraft write?
      • Which of these are considered Mythos tales?
      • What stories should I begin with?
      • What other Mythos writers are there?
      • What are the “posthumous collaborations”?
      • Where can I find Lovecraftian fiction?
      • Where can I find a bibliography of works?
      • Where can I get Lovecraft’s letters?
      • Why is volume III so hard to get?
      • Where can I find a biography of Lovecraft?
      • What is the Lovecraft Transcription project?
      • What magazines discuss Lovecraft and his writings?
    • Movies and Television
      • What Lovecraftian movies have been made?
      • What television shows have Mythos references?
      • What publications have descriptions of movies?
    • Games
      • What board/card games are available?
      • What role-playing games are available?
      • Available for Call of Cthulhu
      • Game Magazines
      • Computer Games
      • Games on the Internet?
      • Music for CoC
    • Other Media
      • What radio shows have included Lovecraft or the Mythos?
      • What Lovecraft or Mythos stories are books on tape?
      • What music is available with Mythos references?
      • What music do Coc players recommend as background?
      • What comic books have included Lovecraft stories?
      • Fun merchandise
    • Internet
      • Newsgroups
      • FTP sites
      • World Wide Web Sites
      • Mailing Lists
      • IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
      • Other Sources?
      • Games on the Internet?
    • Mythos Lore
      • What towns did Lovecraft base his locations on?
      • Who are the ‘Great Old Ones’?
      • What various manifestations has Nyarlathotep taken?
      • Where can I get a copy of the Necronomicon?
      • What is the etymology of the word “Necronomicon”?
      • How about the Unaussprechlicken Kulten?
      • What events occurred in the Mythos universe?

  • Q: How do I get a copy of the entire FAQ?

    A: There are several ways to obtain the FAQ, including:

    • Anonymous FTP: Using anonymous FTP lets you access Primenet’s FTP server directly—this is where the FAQ is kept. It can be found in the “users/d/dloucks/ahc” directory and is stored in 9 parts. Here are the details:

       Password:<your e-mail address>
          Files:all files beginning with “ahcfaq”:

      ahcfaq0.txt_Mini-FAQ   The Mini-FAQ
      ahcfaq1.txt_About      About, Sections, Credits
      ahcfaq2.txt_General    Newsgroup, Cthulhu, HPL, Addresses
      ahcfaq3.txt_Writings   Stories, Letters, Mags, Biblio.
      ahcfaq4.txt_Movies_TV  Movies, Television, Books Regarding
      ahcfaq5.txt_Games      Board/Card, Roleplaying, Magazines
      ahcfaq6.txt_Other_MediaRadio, Books on Tape, Music, Comics
      ahcfaq7.txt_Internet   Newsgroups, FTP, WWW, MOO/MUD/MUSHs
      ahcfaq8.txt_Mythos_LoreLocales, Entities, Tomes, Timeline

      Also, a ZIPped file called “ahcfaq.zip” contains all 9 parts.

    • The World Wide Web: Any web browswer can be used to access the FAQ. You may either use your web browser to obtain the FAQ via FTP, or you may access it via The H.P. Lovecraft Archive.

      FTP site:

      WWW site:

    • E-mail Bots: For those who don’t have FTP or WWW access, you can have portions of the FAQ e-mailed to you automatically by my e-mail bots. This process only requires that you send me (dloucks@primenet.com) an e-mail message with a particular Subject line. When your incoming message is detected by my e-mail bot, it will e-mail the appropriate section of the FAQ to you, and discard your message. With that in mind, don’t bother sending any messages with contents, because I’ll never get it. Also, since the mailbot handles everything automatically, don’t hesitate to request all the parts of the FAQ. Here’s a list of the exact Subject lines and what each gets you:

      Subject      What it gets you
      FAQ: Part 0  Answers to the top questions asked
      FAQ: Part 1  About the FAQ (outline and credits)
      FAQ: Part 2  General (Cthulhu, Lovecraft, addresses)
      FAQ: Part 3  Written Works (stories, biblio, bio, letters)
      FAQ: Part 4  Movies and Television
      FAQ: Part 5  Games (board, card, role-playing, computer)
      FAQ: Part 6  Other Media (radio, tape, music, comics, etc.)
      FAQ: Part 7  Internet (newsgroups, FTP, WWW, MUDs)
      FAQ: Part 8  Mythos Lore (towns, entities, tomes, timeline)
      FAQ: Mini-FAQAnswers to the top questions asked

  • Q: Will you e-mail me the FAQ?

    A: In general, no, due to time constraints. Anyone who has e-mail access can obtain the FAQ using my e-mail bots. If you’ve tried every other available method of getting the FAQ (FTP, WWW, e-mail bots) and have still had no success, I’ll e-mail you the FAQ.

  • Q: Who contributed to this FAQ?

    A: This is (to me) the most important answer in this whole FAQ. As such, I hope to Cthulhu that I don’t leave anyone out. If I do, please shout at me and I will make a formal apology, as well as righting the FAQ. I have tried to include everyone who gave input, even if it was a repeat of other peoples stuff, or if I already had the info. I feel that each effort deserves applause.

    I’ve included only names in this list. If you want to know who contributed what, e-mail me and request the more extensive list.

    The contributors were (in alphabetical order):

  • Q: Are all of the credited things above in this FAQ?

    A: If the appropriate section (i.e. General, Fiction, Movies, etc.) has been posted, then that credit should be in there. If I haven’t finished the appropriate section yet, the credited item will be contained within it.

  • Q: What areas will be covered by future contributors?

    A: I have received notes from people who are interested in doing FAQ lists around specific areas of Lovecraft or Cthulhu stuff. I will list only the topics, and not their potential contributors, in case anyone is unable to contribute what they hoped to:

    • Books by Lovecraft; Books by other authors
    • Anthologies of short stories

  • Q: What subjects have people asked to see, but are not available at this time?

    A: There are a few obscure items that seem to have been touched upon, but not followed through. If anyone wants to tackle them, I’d love to see it.

    • Historical veracity and ficticious detailing of the numerous tomes mentioned in Lovecraft (et al) stories.
    • ISBN numbers of the books in the bibliographies
    • Historical information on deities/locations (i.e. Stonehenge, Easter Island, Nodens, etc) and the relation between reality and their ficticious mentionings.
    • Timeline (partially done)

End of Part 1 of the alt.horror.cthulhu FAQ, “About the FAQ.”

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