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The Truth About the Necronomicon

Many labor under the misconception that the Necronomicon is a real book that predates Lovecraft. These pages have been created in the hopes of disabusing people of that notion. Included here are Lovecraft’s own fictional references to the Necronomicon, excerpts from Lovecraft’s letters in which he states that the Necronomicon was his invention, and information on the various hoax editions of the Necronomicon, as well as on other sources of misinformation.

Quotes Regarding the Necronomicon from Lovecraft’s Stories
The world’s first contact with the Necronomicon was through Lovecraft’s “The Hound,” as well as many other tales.
Quotes Regarding the Necronomicon from Lovecraft’s Letters
Lovecraft often had to explain to his many correspondents that he had invented the Necronomicon.
Hoax Editions of the Necronomicon
The difficulty of demonstrating that the Necronomicon is a myth was made even greater when hoax editions began appearing in the 1970s.
Other Sources of Necronomicon Misinformation
As if the hoax editions weren’t enough, other kinds of hoaxes, several of them Internet-based, confused the issue.
Necronomicon Web Pages
There are numerous Necronomicon pages on the web, although only a scant few are worth visiting.
Some Final Thoughts on the Necronomicon
Some personal observations on the Necronomicon issue.
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