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We’ve created this page in thanks to the people who have made links to The H.P. Lovecraft Archive on their pages. Links to several of these pages can also be found on the “Other Lovecraftian WWW Pages” page. Thanks everyone! NOTE: The inclusion of these links does not imply that we agree with any of the views expressed on the pages they link to. As mentioned above, this page exists solely as a token of thanks to those who have created a link to The H.P. Lovecraft Archive.

  • Anders Weird Page (Anders Sandberg): Mostly links to, you guessed it, weird stuff.
  • The B-WARE Home Page (B-Ware): The makers of the B-WARE Ultimate Gamedisc provide a huge number of game-related resources and links. The link back to The H.P. Lovecraft Archive can be found by following these links: Buzzpages, Role-Playing Game-specific Resources, Call of Cthulhu.
  • Belltower Equines & DruidArt (The Isabell Family): The Isabells run a horse-breeding operation in northern Wyoming; DruidArt consists of Kathleen’s photographic efforts.
  • Beyond Books (Andrew “Landru” Migliore): This page includes an Arkham House price guide, a guide to Lovecraftian films, and other information for collectors.
  • Bill Forgett’s Home Page: Bill’s “Fun Links” page has links to a Star Wars page, an Indiana Jones page, and these Lovecraft pages. Not bad company!
  • Caniglia: Pigments of the Imagination: Caniglia counts Lovecraft and Poe among the early influences on his grotesque art.
  • CrazyYog’s Home Page (Gary Libby): Links to H.P. Lovecraft and “Call of Cthulhu” resources, as well as lists of games and books that Gary is selling.
  • CROW (Jason Wynd): The CROW Manifesto lists dozens of authors and artists (among them, Lovecraft) who uphold the “ancient tradition” of dreaming.
  • Cthulhu Live (Fantasy Flight Games): This set of rules gives players of the “Call of Cthulhu” role-playing game the opportunity to participate in a live-action version.
  • The Cthulhu Mythos: A Guide (Joseph F. Morales): A very comprehensive “who’s who” of the “Cthulhu Mythos.”
  • Dark Side of the Web (Carrie Carolin): Plenty of links pointing to pages about horror, death, the occult, movies, music, and other dark stuff.
  • The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets (Joe Fulgham): A Lovecraftian rock group’s home page, including sound clips.
  • Dave Carson Art: Dave is a well-known and gifted Lovecraftian artist that has illustrated a number of Lovecraft-related books.
  • Del Rey Homepage: Del Rey (a division of Random House/Ballantine) prints the paperback editions of Lovecraft’s tales.
  • The Elder Sign (Steven Presnell): Includes information on the Elder Sign, photographs of Lovecraft and several of his correspondents, and a number of links.
  • The Electric Druid Home Page (Rob MacKenzie): Rob’s “The Miskatonic Acid Test” is a “terrifying tale of serialized psychedelic horror.”
  • Ellen Datlow’s Author Sites (Omni Magazine): A nice collection of links to horror, fantasy, and science fiction author pages on the web.
  • ENT-ART (Tommy B-Kuhlmann): A graphically-intensive site filled with “horror stories and artwork” and other “tasteless stuff.” Trust them on this one!
  • Essential Media: This site serves as both a guide and catalog where you may purchase “the essential works of postmodern, alternative and fringe culture.”
  • Find-A-Grave (Jim Tipton): Lists of U.S. gravesites of well-known people in both name and geographical order. Photographs of the graves are included for many.
  • Fireaxe (Brian Voth): A one-man metal band, Fireaxe’s demo tapes include “Unholy Rapture” and “Lovecraftian Nightmares.”
  • The Fright Site (Dawn Groves): The folks at this site “produce episodic horror stories written especially for the web”!
  • fugazi.net: A site dedicated to assisting small press publishers with online presence.
  • H.P. Lovecraft (Marcus Wendel): A Swedish Lovecraft site including a biography, a bibliography, and a collection of links.
  • The Hall of the Sausage King (“Randolph Carter”): On a page about “wursts” it may seem like a shame to see references to Lovecraft, but, thankfully, we’re talking about sausages...
  • Heliophobe Worldwide (Forrest Jackson): A “not-so-sexual fetish magazine exclusively devoted to pale-skinned women.” Works for me.
  • HorrorNet (Matt): A very comprehensive page of horror fiction sites around the Internet.
  • Howard Phillips Lovecraft (Timothy E. Emrick): Mostly links to pages about the “Call of Cthulhu” role-playing game, Tim’s site also includes his Lovecraftian travelogue, My Lovecraft Pilgrimage.
  • Iä, Shub-Niggurath! - H.P. Lovecraft (Peter Vorobieff): Includes photographs of the Providence and Salem areas.
  • Infogrames Online: These are the folks who brought us “Alone in the Dark,” “Shadow of the Comet,” and “Prisoner of Ice”: the best Lovecraft computer games around!
  • Kellum Johnson’s Homepage: Links to resources on corn (the vegetable!), women, “thought provoking or mentally challenging” subjects, nerdy stuff, and humor. The link to The H.P. Lovecraft Archive can be found under the “Strange People, Odd Places, Weird Things” links.
  • La page du Chris (Christophe Thill): Christophe lives in Paris and has a number of black and white photos of the city.
  • The Lair of the Mythos Haiku (Philip C. Robinson): You can either read each haiku one by one, or just sit back and let a script automatically display the haikus for you.
  • Literary Locales (Scott Rice, San Jose State University Department of English): A terrific list of links to web pages specializing in literature-related locations. Lovecraft’s name shares this page with the likes of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dickens, Steinbeck, and Hemingway!
  • Mappa.Mundi Magazine: An online magazine that uses geographic metaphors in its investigation of new methods of information retrieval. The H.P. Lovecraft Archive was mentioned in an article titled “Imaginary Places”.
  • Neopagan.com (A.J. Drew): This site claims that it “is soon to be the single largest and most complete resource for the Pagan and Wiccan community on the Internet.” The link back to The H.P. Lovecraft Archive can be found on the Authors page of the Links section.
  • The NetherReal (Jim Hawley): This site is dedicated to “the fiction and art of the Cthulhu Mythos and H.P. Lovecraft.” It is a very complete site, having fiction, art, and several reference sources.
  • Ocean State Online: “Rhode Island news, weather, sports, entertainment, movies, dining, community, towns, and more...” More? Yes, more. Believe it or not, you can find the link back to here under “Entertainment & Media” and then “Celebrities”!
  • The Official Dan Clore Homepage (Dan Clore): Dan’s work (fiction and non-fiction) has appeared in publications such as Lore, Studies in Weird Fiction, and Lovecraft Studies.
  • Pagan Publishing: Makers of fine “Call of Cthulhu” role-playing supplements.
  • Paul Carrick’s Online Gallery: Much of Paul’s work has appeared in such places as Chaosium’s “Call of Cthulhu,” Mind Venture’s “Don’t Look Back: Terror is Never Far Behind,” and Pagan Publishing’s The Unspeakable Oath.
  • The Black Room (James George White Russell): Plenty of links and samples of James’ writings, including his 20th Century Gothic, a 33,500 word essay on Lovecraft’s works.
  • Providence, Rhode Island (City of Providence): Lovecraft’s home town of Providence has linked to The H.P. Lovecraft Archive from their Cultural History and Educational Links pages.
  • Reader’s Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos (Edward P. Berglund): This very thorough page was created by the editor of the first collection of original “Cthulhu Mythos” fiction.
  • Ricardo’s Homepage (Ricardo Madeira): Poetry (including Lovecraft’s entire Fungi from Yuggoth sonnet-cycle and several poems by Poe) and links to music and role-playing games.
  • Sam I Am Not Toucan Sam! (Samantha Besler): Samantha has links to “Horror, Science Fiction, Mystery, and Action/Adventure” sites, and enjoys watching films from those genres on her laserdisc player.
  • Science Fiction Resource Guide (Chaz Boston Baden): This is an amazing collection of links to a wide variety of science-fiction resources on the web. There’s so much here that a brief description wouldn’t do it justice; you’ll have to take a look for yourself.
  • Selected Authors of Supernatural Fiction (Alan Gullette): Alan’s page is a great survey of supernatural horror writers, and includes brief information not only on Lovecraft, but on Ambrose Bierce, Algernon Blackwood, Lord Dunsany, William Hope Hodgson, Arthur Machen, Fitz-James O’Brien, Edgar A. Poe, M. P. Shiel, and Clark Ashton Smith. Terrific job!
  • The Shub-Niggurath Fan Club (Corey Whitworth)
  • Skott Reader: Skott has quite a few astronomy, writing, and music links.
  • –STEVE-NET– (Steven Downer): Steve has a great set of links to various “light synthesizers” (programs that display light shows in response to sounds) as well as a web version of a “Choose your Own Adventure” game.
  • Ted Keener’s Home Page: Ted does a stage show in which he dresses as Poe and recites some of Poe’s works. He’s also created a font that I love and has honored me by naming it “Loucks Condensed.” Thanks, Ted!
  • Thomas Ligotti Online (Jonathan Padgett): Dedicated to one of the most talented living horror authors, this site includes a few of Ligotti’s stories.
  • Tim Somheil’s Geocities Home Page: Tim’s interests include Mack Bolan (The Executioner), Margaritas, and Graskinni and Raudhskinni (Icelandic grimoires). Tim gives The H.P. Lovecraft Archive a 3-paragraph description on his “Links” page!
  • Todds Home Page: Besides being a fan of Lovecraft, Todd is a member of a SWAT team! His page has photos of his many exploits since he’s into photography.
  • A Tribute to Clark Ashton Smith (Fiona Webster): A small, but growing, page in honor of Smith, a correspondent of Lovecraft’s and an author in his own right.
  • Undead Remains (Kelly Rothenberg): Described as the “On-Ramp to Horror, Body Piercing and Cultural Subversion,” this page is primarily a set of links to other sites.
  • Ville Makkonen:
  • Void Pulp Press (Mark L. Stinson): A small publisher of amateur “horror, fantasy, and science fiction stories and artwork.”
  • Web of Tentacles (Rebecca Kemp): Becky runs a web site titled Becky’s Wildlife & Fantasy Art which showcases much of her artwork including a couple of her Lovecraft-inspired paintings.
  • Weird Tales - The Unique Magazine (Lars Klores): A very thorough site dedicated to Weird Tales, including substantial information on the authors and artists who contributed to the magazine, and scans of all the covers.
  • The Wererat’s Lair (Kristin J. Johnson): Kristin has an affinity for rats and many photographs and links for rodent-lovers. Understandably, her favorite Lovecraft stories are “The Rats in the Walls” and “The Dreams in the Witch House.”
  • Wharf Rat Productions (Laney Roberts): An independent theatre group based in Salem, Massachusetts, that performs dramatic readings of Poe, Ligotti, and (who else?) Lovecraft.
  • William Matthews, Bookseller: William deals in “science fiction, fantasy, weird & sensational fiction,” and the occasional Lovecraft rarity.
  • Wizard’s Keep (Joe Kitchell and Borislav Krivitsky): These guys apparently love animated GIFs, so be prepared to find them everywhere on these pages. Prepare to wait while they load, too...
  • The X-Files European Society Home Page (Alessandro Tognarini): Alessandro hosts pages for fans of The X-Files in Italy, Great Britain, Poland, and Holland. The main site has many X-Files links, as well as links to Star Trek, Star Wars, Quantum Leap, and Twin Peaks resources on the web.
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