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The following books and magazines have listed The H.P. Lovecraft Archive as being one of the significant sites on the World-Wide Web.


1001 Really Cool Web Sites
By Edward J. Renehan, Jr. Las Vegas, NV: Jamsa Press. ISBN 1-884133-22-3, p. 706 (Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books/Zines)
Internet & Web Yellow Pages, 1997 Edition
By Harley Hahn. Berkeley, CA: Osborne/McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0-07-0882258-0, p. 438 (Literature: Authors: Lovecraft, H.P.)
The Internet Yellow Pages, Third Edition
By Harley Hahn. Berkeley, CA: Osborne/McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0-07-882182-7, p. 470 (Literature: Authors)
Most Popular Web Sites: The Best of the Net from A2Z
Edited by Katharine English. Emeryville, CA: Lycos Press. ISBN 0-78970-792-6, p. 297 (Entertainment and Leisure: Famous and Infamous People)
NetSci-Fi: Your Guide to the Best SF on the Internet
By Michael Wolff. New York, NY: Wolff New Media LLC. ISBN 0-679-77322-3, p. 329 (Sci-Fringe: Horror: H.P. Lovecraft: H.P. Lovecraft Page)
New Riders’ Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages
Indianapolis, IN: New Riders Publishing. ISBN 1-56205-670-0, p. 97 (Books & Authors: Authors)
Official Microsoft Bookshelf Internet Directory, 1998 Edition
Edited by Kerry Carnahan. Microsoft Press. ISBN 1-57231-617-9, p. 877 (Science Fiction and Fantasy)
Que’s Mega Web Directory
By Dean J. Rositano and Robert A. Rositano. Indianapolis, IN: Que Corporation. ISBN 0-7897-0578-8, p. 106 (Books: Science Fiction)


CyberSurfer, January 1997, Issue 8.
“Horrors of the World Wide Web: The Connisseur’s Guide to Things That Go Bump On the Net,” by Dr. Vanya Varicose, p. 34-37.
InQuest, July 1997, Number 27.
IQ News,” p. 13-20. Mentioned in the “Plugged In” sidebar under “Cthulhu State of Mind,” p. 20.
Internet Underground, October 1996.
Sci-Fi Universe, August 1997, Number 26.
“Cool Sci-Fi,” by Jon Bradley Snyder, p. 14-15. Mentioned under “Cool Web Page,” p. 14.
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