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We’re not only trying to be the best Lovecraft site on the WorldWide Web, but to be one of the best literary sites as well. Due to our efforts, we’ve managed to garner a few awards.

 The Violet Bookmark Award from... Violet Books
Jessica Amanda Salmonson gives this award “for excellence in coverage of vintage genre fiction”. On 25 October 2003 we discovered that we had been given this award at some earlier time.

 The Web Award That Should Not Be from... BloopWatch.org
This site is dedicated to finding news articles that could be considered Lovecraftian. “The Web Award that Should Not Be” is given to web sites “dedicated to Mr. Lovecraft’s works”. We were given this award in January 2003.

 Web Star from... GO Network
The GO Network selects “top quality sites” for inclusion in their directory. The best of these are given the GO Network Award “on the basis of excellence and quality.” The H.P. Lovecraft Archive is listed under several categories in the GO Guides including H.P. Lovecraft, Horror Books, and Alternative People! This award was given to The H.P. Lovecraft Archive on 2 December 1999.

 Event Horizon Hot Spot from... Event Horizon
This webzine is devoted to science fiction, fantasy, and horror. It showcases new fiction and commentary, and provides weekly chats with a variety of authors. The H.P. Lovecraft Archive was named an Event Horizon “Hot Spot” on 21 September 1999.

Baron Samedi's Homepage Award from... Baron Samedi’s Graveyard
The Baron’s interests include voodoo, role-playing games, computer graphics, and heavy metal. The H.P. Lovecraft Archive was given the Baron’s Homepage Award on 8 August 1999.

Silver Platter Site Award from... Ask Jeeves
Ask Jeeves is a search engine that uses natural language to locate web sites. The Silver Platter award is given to sites that “load quickly, are polished, are easy to read, are easy to navigate, are well-maintained and updated regularly, [and] are credible sources of information.” This award was given to The H.P. Lovecraft Archive on 19 July 1999.

Labora &c. Award from... Keepitsimplestu... (KISS) Websites
This award is given to “websites that are appealing to the eye and ear, with a minimum of extra activity. No frames and few images are used to improve download time and to be friendly to visitors with less than state-of-the-art equipment. The research and information is credited as well as possible, and the theme of each site is narrowed to maintain the interest of both the visitors and contributors alike.” Wow! The H.P. Lovecraft Archive was honored with this award on 25 June 1999.

Step Outside Award from... Deep Outside SFFH
Deep Outside SFFH (Science-Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror) is a web-based magazine which includes book and movie reviews, editorials, and links to a variety of sites. Their Step Outside Award is given to “sites that transcend the boundaries of the ordinary”; The H.P. Lovecraft Archive received this award on 9 May 1999.

 Green Jesters Cool Site Award from... Kenny Dagerty
Kenny claims: “There exist millions of web pages, but only a few of them are worth visiting. This award goes only to outstanding sites.” To date, only three sites have been given this award—thanks, Kenny! The H.P. Lovecraft Archive was given this award on 15 April 1999.

Best of Metal/Gothic from... The Dark Site
A German site dedicated to Heavy Metal music, this site also features a large collection of links called The Dark Portal. The H.P. Lovecraft Archive was first featured on their In Darkness... award pages on 13 September 1998.

The Dreaded Yellow Award from... The Robert W. Chambers Research Project
Larry Loc’s site includes a wealth of information on Chambers and his works, especially The King in Yellow. His “Dreaded Yellow Award,” which was given to The H.P. Lovecraft Archive on 30 June 1998, is “an award for outstanding web sites in the fields of horror, fantasy, and science fiction.”

Marc's Way-Cool Site Award from... Marc’s Way-Cool Site-O-Stuff
Marc has a number of pages that he’s won awards for, so he figured it was time that he gave out his own awards. This award was bestowed upon us on 29 April 1998.

The Shining Trapezohedron from... The NetherReal
On 24 March 1998, The NetherReal gave The H.P. Lovecraft Archive the “Shining Trapezohedron” (artwork by Daryl Hutchinson) for “exemplary dedication to the world of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos.” Well, we’ll be more than happy to accept the award for the first half... For the other half, check out The NetherReal itself!

Best of the Web from... SelectSurf
SelectSurf gives awards to those sites meeting their criteria for “content, usefulness, presentation, ease of use, and originality.” Not only do the SelectSurf staff choose great sites, they have a great site. They granted us this award on 18 November 1997. Their link to The H.P. Lovecraft Archive can be found under the Literature section of the Arts/Humanities channel.

Three-Star Award from... Magellan
Technically, Magellan was the first major search engine on the web to give The H.P. Lovecraft Archive an award. In fact, the award was granted back when these pages were still known as “Donovan K. Loucks’ H.P. Lovecraft Page” and had comparatively little information (we believe that a re-review will result in a Four-Star Award). However, Magellan never notified us of this award, and after e-mailing them about the new page name and location we still didn’t receive an award icon. We found the one above by rooting around on their server. In addition to the award, they have a brief review of the Archive.

Selected by... WebCrawler Select
It wasn’t until 26 March 1997 that one of the major search engines on the web officially recognized The H.P. Lovecraft Archive with an award. In addition to the award, WebCrawler Select makes some brief comments regarding the Archive. Now we’d like to see them increase the size of their icon...

Forry's Fave's from... Forrest J Ackerman
Ackerman is said to have coined the term “sci-fi” and is mentioned by Lovecraft and Robert H. Barlow in “The Battle That Ended the Century” as “the Effjay of Akkamin.” The H.P. Lovecraft Archive was named as one of “4e’s Fave’s” on 6 January 1997. By the way, the “J” (sans period) in Ackerman’s name doesn’t stand for anything...

Four Grenade Award of Excellence from... DisInformation
DisInformation is “the subculture search engine” which highlights web pages of “quality and political/cultural importance.” We were given their highest rating, The Four Grenade Award of Excellence, on 29 October 1996. They even have a web page devoted to the Cult of H.P. Lovecraft.

OMNIVision Winner from... OMNI Magazine
On 1 September 1996, these pages were selected as an “OMNI Magazine Omnivision Winner.” The winners are those pages which OMNI Magazine feels are worthy of being linked to. Their link to The H.P. Lovecraft Archive is on Ellen Datlow’s Author Sites page.

Star Award from... Fiction & Fantasy
We were also given the Fiction & Fantasy Star Award on 22 June 1996. They hope to be “the biggest and best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Gaming site on the net.” Go check them out to see if they are! By the way, their link to this page is buried pretty deeply. It can be found by going to the “Fiction & Fantasy Links,” then to “Worldwide Role Playing Game Links,” and finally to “Call of Cthulhu.”

Cosmic Site of the Night from... AdZe MiXXe, Astrologer Extraordinaire
These web pages were chosen as AdZe’s Cosmic Site of the Night for 27 May 1996. Believe it or not, this was our first award!

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