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Peter Cannon (Author)

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Parallel Passages in “The Adventure of the Copper Beeches” and “The Picture in the House”, by Peter Cannon 1: 3-6
Sunset Terrace Imagery in Lovecraft, by Peter Cannon 5: 3-9
Lovecraft and the Mainstream Literature of His Day, by Peter Cannon 7: 25-29
Review of Uncollected Prose and Poetry 3 (by H.P. Lovecraft, edited by S.T. Joshi and Marc A. Michaud), by Peter Cannon 8: 39-40, 36
Review of The Private Life of H.P. Lovecraft (by Sonia H. Davis), by Peter Cannon 11: 74-75
Arkham and Kingsport, by Peter Cannon 15: 69-76, 53
Review of Discovering H.P. Lovecraft (edited by Darrell Schweitzer), by Peter Cannon 16: 38-39
In Defense of TUSAS 549, by Peter Cannon 18: 25-27
The Late Francis Wayland Thurston, of Boston: Lovecraft’s Last Dilettante, by Peter Cannon 19/20: 32, 39
Review of Selected Papers on Lovecraft (by S.T. Joshi), by Peter Cannon 19/20: 71
H.P. Lovecraft: Literary Outsider, by Peter Cannon 22/23: 44-45
Letter, by Peter Cannon 24: 35-36
Review of Résumé with Monsters (by William Browning Spencer), by Peter Cannon 33: 36
Review of Non Compost Mentis (by Darrell Schweitzer), by Peter Cannon 33: 36
On At the Mountains of Madness: A Panel Discussion, by Peter Cannon, Jason C. Eckhardt, Steven J. Mariconda, and Hubert Van Calenbergh 34: 2-10
Review of The Young Guy from Fuggoth: Eldritch Limericks & Poems (by M.M. Moamrath), by Peter Cannon 38: 36
Review of Poetica Dementia (by Darrell Schweitzer), by Peter Cannon 38: 36
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