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Issue 7 (Fall 1982)

Article Issue: Pages
The Old Man and the Sea: The Ocean and Life as Viewed by H.P. Lovecraft, by Ralph E. Vaughan 7: 3-7
The Lord of R’lyeh, by Matthew H. Onderdonk 7: 8-17
The Lovecraft-Derleth Connection, by Robert M. Price 7: 18-23
Editorial Postscript, by S.T. Joshi 7: 23-24, 7
Lovecraft and the Mainstream Literature of His Day, by Peter Cannon 7: 25-29
Briefly Noted 7: 29
Review of Call of Cthulhu (by Chaosium, Inc.), by Greg Costikyan 7: 30-32
Review of As It Is Written (by Clark Ashton Smith), by S.T. Joshi 7: 32-34
Review of Danse Macabre (by Stephen King), by Sam Gafford 7: 34-35
Review of Reader’s Guide to H.P. Lovecraft (by S.T. Joshi), by Donald R. Burleson 7: 36-39
Postscript, by S.T. Joshi 7: 39
Briefly Noted 7: 39
Contributors 7: 40
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