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Issue 30 (Spring 1994)

Article Issue: Pages
Maker of Monsters, Maker of Gods, by Brett Rutherford 30: 2
In Memoriam: Frank Belknap Long, by Ben P. Indick 30: 3-4
Transgression, Spheres of Influence, and the Use of the Utterly Other in Lovecraft, by Richard E. Dansky 30: 5-14
“The Night Ocean” and the Subtleties of Cosmicism, by Brian Humphreys 30: 14-21
Metonyms of Alterity: A Semiotic Interpretation of Fungi from Yuggoth, by Dan Clore 30: 21-32
Review of Scream for Jeeves: A Parody (by P.H. Cannon), by S.T. Joshi 30: 32-33
Review of H.P. Lovecraft’s Book of Horror (edited by Stephen Jones and Dave Carson), by S.T. Joshi 30: 33-34
Review of The Hastur Cycle (edited by Robert M. Price), by S.T. Joshi 30: 34-35
Review of Mysteries of the Worm (by Robert Bloch), by S.T. Joshi 30: 34-35
Letter, by Kenneth W. Faig, Jr. 30: 35-36
Letter, by Brett Rutherford 30: 36
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