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Issue 26 (Spring 1992)

Article Issue: Pages
The Structural and Thematic Unity of Fungi from Yuggoth, by Robert H. Waugh 26: 2-14
Two Notes on Lovecraft, by K. Setiya 26: 14-16
Lovecraft and the Dark Grail, by Ian Blake 26: 16-18
Lovecraft’s “The Unknown”: A Sort of Runic Rhyme, by Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D. 26: 19-21
The Roots of Horror in The Golden Bough, by Hubert Van Calenbergh 26: 21-23
Lovecraft’s Dreamworld Revisited, by Giuseppe Lippi 26: 23-25
Briefly Noted 26: 25
Letter to Myrta Alice Little, by H.P. Lovecraft 26: 26-30
Review of Re-Animator: Tales of Herbert West (by H.P. Lovecraft), by Sam Gafford 26: 30
Review of Re-Animator (by Steven Philip Jones), by Sam Gafford 26: 30-31
Review of Lovecraft in Full Color (by Steven Philip Jones), by Sam Gafford 26: 31
Review of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu (by Terry Collins and Mark Ellis), by Sam Gafford 26: 31-32
Review of The Unnamed (by John Schneider), by Les Daniels 26: 32-33
Review of An Index to the Fiction and Poetry of H.P. Lovecraft (by S.T. Joshi), by Steven J. Mariconda 26: 33
Letter, by Darrell Schweitzer 26: 34
Briefly Noted 26: 34
Index to Lovecraft Studies 1–25 26: 35-39
Irem is Found, by Will Murray 26: 40
Starry Wisdom Church To Be Saved, by Marc A. Michaud 26: 40
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