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Issue 19/20 (Fall 1989)

Article Issue: Pages
Editorial, by S.T. Joshi 19/20: 3-4
“Retrograde Anticipation”: Primitivism and Occultism in the French Response to Lovecraft 1953–1957, by Michel Meurger, translated by S.T. Joshi 19/20: 5-19
The Subversion of Sense in “The Colour out of Space”, by Steven J. Mariconda 19/20: 20-22
H.P. Lovecraft’s Favorite Movie, by Darrell Schweitzer 19/20: 23-25, 27
A Plea for Lovecraft, by W. Paul Cook 19/20: 26-27
Briefly Noted 19/20: 27
Lovecraft and Romanticism, by Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D. 19/20: 28-31
The Late Francis Wayland Thurston, of Boston: Lovecraft’s Last Dilettante, by Peter Cannon 19/20: 32, 39
“The Green Meadow” and “The Willows”: Lovecraft, Blackwood, and a Peculiar Coincidence, by Stefan Dziemianowicz 19/20: 33-39
Who Was the Real Charles Dexter Ward?, by M. Eileen McNamara and S.T. Joshi 19/20: 40-41, 48
Biographical Writing on H.P. Lovecraft: A Review of the Literature, by Kenneth W. Faig, Jr. 19/20: 42-48
The Influence of Two Dunsany Plays, by Norm Gayford 19/20: 49-55, 62
The “Cthulhu Mythos”: Between Horror and Science Fiction, by Thekla Zachrau, translated by L.G. Boba and S.T. Joshi 19/20: 56-62
Briefly Noted 19/20: 62
What of H.P. Lovecraft? or, A commentary upon J.B. Michel, by Autolycus 19/20: 63-64
In Search of Arkham Country Revisited, by Will Murray 19/20: 65-69
Briefly Noted 19/20: 69
Review of Tales of the Lovecraft Collectors (by Kenneth W. Faig, Jr.), by S.T. Joshi 19/20: 70-71
Review of Selected Papers on Lovecraft (by S.T. Joshi), by Peter Cannon 19/20: 71
Briefly Noted 19/20: 71
Letter, by Donald R. Burleson 19/20: 72
Letter, by Patrick Miller 19/20: 73
Letter, by Jason C. Eckhardt 19/20: 73-74
Letter, by Mick Lyons 19/20: 74-75
The H.P. Lovecraft Centennial Conference Announcement 19/20: 76
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