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I Saw The Whisperer in Darkness by Will Murray [non-fiction]
65: 29–32
The Destroyer #77: Coin of the Realm (New American Library, July 1989) as by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir (Will Murray); reviewed by S.T. Joshi
70: 62–63
Lovecraft and Strange Tales by Will Murray [non-fiction]
74: 3–11
Who the Heck was Moses Brown Jenkins? by Will Murray [non-fiction]
74: 16–17
More Lovecraft in the Comics by Will Murray [non-fiction]
75: 22–26, 34
Buddai by Will Murray [non-fiction]
75: 29–33
Roots of the Manuxet by Will Murray [non-fiction]
75: 34
I Entered the Shunned House by Will Murray [non-fiction]
75: 54–56
The Destroyer #81: Hostile Takeover (New American Library, 1990) as by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir (Will Murray); reviewed by S.T. Joshi
75: 60–61
Julius Schwartz on Lovecraft by Will Murray [non-fiction]
76: 14–18
The Lovecraft Tarot (Mythos Books) by David Wynn and D.L. Hutchinson; reviewed by Will Murray
98: 30–33
The 99 Names of Cthulhu by Will Murray [non-fiction]
100: 16–18
Secret of the Night-Gaunts by Will Murray [non-fiction]
102: 3–6
Deconstructing Nug and Yeb by Will Murray [non-fiction]
108: 3–7
Lost “Far From Time” by Will Murray [non-fiction]
109: 36–37
Tales of Atlantis by Will Murray [non-fiction]
110: 28–32
Maal Dweb of Xiccarpth by Will Murray [non-fiction]
111: 28–30
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