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Article Issue: Pages
The Bell in the Tower by H.P. Lovecraft and Lin Carter [fiction]
69: 13–23
The Strange Doom of Enos Harker by Lin Carter [fiction]
69: 24–28
Nameless Gods and Entities: Robert E. Howard’s Contribution to the Cthulhu Mythos by Lin Carter [non-fiction]
69: 29–31, 23
The Great Old Ones: Also Known Variously as the Old Ones, the Primal Ones, Them Who Come, the Ancient Ones, and the Evil Ones, etc. by Lin Carter [non-fiction]
69: 32–38
I. The Book of the Episodes by Lin Carter [fiction]
70: 3–30
The Doom of Yakthoob by Lin Carter [fiction]
70: 4–5
The Thing Under Memphis by Lin Carter [fiction]
70: 5–7
The City of Pillars by Lin Carter [fiction]
70: 8–10
The Vault Beneath the Mosque by Lin Carter [fiction]
70: 10–13
Mnomquah by Lin Carter [fiction]
70: 13–17
The Madness out of Time by Lin Carter [fiction]
70: 18–22
Dreams of the Black Lotus by Lin Carter [fiction]
70: 22–26
The Shadow from the Stars by Lin Carter [fiction]
70: 26–30
II. The Book of Preparations by Lin Carter [fiction]
70: 31–38
III. The Book of the Gates by Lin Carter [fiction]
70: 39–54
IV. The Book of Dismissals by Lin Carter [fiction]
70: 55–60
Cthulhu & Co. by Lin Carter [non-fiction]
95: 2–6, 34
The Light in the East: The Rise and Fall of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, 1861–1961 by Lin Carter [non-fiction]
95: 7–34
The Demon Star by Lin Carter [fiction]
99: 3–4
The Doom of Enos Harker by Lin Carter; completed by Laurence Cornford [fiction]
107: 26–35
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